What is the turn around time?

Depending on the job we can have turn around times as little as 1 week. It is best to check on the turn around time closer to when you are ready to book your custom paint job as it will depend on staffing, bookings and complexity of your job.

What is the warranty on my custom paint job?

We will have this question answered for you very soon. Check back again shortly.

I just want a rough price, how much will it cost?

We wish we could tell you off the top of our dome, but there are so many factors when it comes to giving you a price. We need to know the item we are painting, how many colours, which colours, which finish, will there be decals or painted logos, is there any damage that needs repairs, do you need a design or do you have a solid concept... the list goes on. Often you may not have the answers to all these questions and thats ok. We will call you and help you decide on a rough idea so we can give you some pricing.

Do I need to dissasemble my bike or will you do it for me?

What types of items can you paint?

We can paint almost anything: Pushbikes Motorbikes Cars Helmets Boards Wheels

Can you do a specific colour for me?

Yes. Sam is the colour expert and can match any colour you find anywhere is the world. Got a specific colour? Send us the colour or bring in a sample and we will make it happen.