Carls Harley had a professional paint job but it was still lacking some character. He had always wanted that deep cherry red candy look.

“A couple of my mates recommended some painters. I saw these guys instagram, I said nah im gonna give them a go.

I spoke to Dan and straight away I knew these guys were gonna look after me.

the colour was the most important part, I didn’t want a bright candy red, I wanted that deep rich black cherry look.

The boys fuckin nailed it.

We collaborated to throw in some effects and graphics that complimented the colour and that was it.”

The client felt the rear guard needed a new shape to compliment the whole bike.

Ty Yusuf from Profinish did an amazing job in good time and we were able to begin the prep and paint work.
A few sprayout samples were provided to instill Confidence before proceeding to the painting stages.
A mild mutant crystal effect was used in the sides to add some detail/contrast without sacrificing the clean depth across the tops of the panels that catch the light.
After much consideration we wanted to keep the red visible on the overall panel as apossed to a 2 tone effect.
Pinstripes were also too minimal so we went for a band which allowed us to incorporate the desired effect depicted in the bands.

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The guys at @mildandwildcustoms got the bike built up pretty quick too!